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Let Freedom Ring

This is the time of year when we all come together as Americans to celebrate that most precious of all gifts.  Freedom.  We get together for barbecues and fireworks and the waving of the American Flag. I can’t help but get emotional every time I am at a sporting event or other function and we…


  Do-overs I recently shared a story from my past with a youth group – one more attempt to pinpoint those critical times when the best life lessons are learned.

Last-minute, local holiday shopping

Last-minute, local holiday shopping The recent snow that’s blanketed the Bitteroot Valley is beautiful and gives me another reason to stay close to home for last-minute Christmas shopping. I whole-heartedly support our Main Street businesses and hope you will too.

Influence of Families

Influence of Families On rare occasions, our kids get to stay with their cousins on the ranch when Brian and I need to be out of town. After our last trip to Rexburg, Idaho, I came away with such an appreciation for the good influence aunts and uncles can have on a child’s life.

All Because Two People Fell In Love

I fell in love with my husband, Brian, for many reasons. Up until now, I didn’t know that one of those would be his mad skill at refrigeration installation. He swept me off my feet with intelligence, wit, humor and attention to detail. I also loved his spirit and willingness to serve others without hesitation.

Canning Peaches

Canning peaches   Certain opportunities give us a chance to step into our parents’ shoes and experience appreciation in a whole new way. My latest opportunity came as I stood face-to-face with 24 boxes of freshly picked peaches and pears waiting to be canned.

Melva’s life of goodness

  Melva’s life of goodness   As Americans, our hearts are heavy on this day of remembrance. But mine is especially heavy, not only for those who left this world too soon 14 years ago, but for my cousin Melva Kauer who recently passed away unexpectedly. We celebrated her life last week and I’m so…