After my episode of “Living Big Sky” appeared on HGTV on May 30th, I had some great response. I heard from old friends from my days at Utah State University and from law school at the University of Montana who had seen the show and loved it. But most importantly, our Iten Company office received calls, emails and feedback from potential sellers and buyers.

One of the most exciting new opportunities led to a flight across Montana to visit a ranch on the Judith River near the town of Winifred east of Lewistown. This unique property is 4,000 deeded acres with more than five beautiful miles of river front. It has all the potential for someone looking for a recreational ranch for hunting and fishing opportunities as well as fencing and amenities if someone wants to develop a working ranch for cattle or bison.

My husband and I spent a day flying over, touring the ranch and flying back. Driving would have taken six hours each way from the Bitterroot Valley, but we made the flight in under two hours. We landed our plane on a bluff right on the ranch, which was exciting, to say the least. Touring the ranch both from the ground and the air gave us a vision of this property’s potential and I’m excited for the opportunity to help market this Montana gem.

More exciting news has been announced since our episode of “Living Big Sky” aired – the producers have been approved for a second season! They called to say they’d love to include me in another episode if I had the right client, the right property and the willingness to take them flying again. I will keep you posted!